3 DAYS KENYA FAMILY TOUR (Samburu National Park)

Explore Kenya on a 3 Days Kenya Family Tour that will take you to Samburu Game reserve which stands as one of the most beautiful Kenya Safari Park in the Northern Circuit. This 3 Dayr Kenya Family Safari is crafted to allow you to explore the unique Samburu game reserve renowned for its indigenous wildlife as well as the home of African Elephants and beautiful species of Zebras and the Masai Giraffes. This package allows you to travel with youngsters giving them an opportunity to adventure Kenya on a 3 days tour. This 3 Days Family Safari to Kenya starts and ends in Nairobi.
Kenya’s Samburu National Park is a wildlife reserve known for its unique and diverse array of wildlife, including species not commonly found in other parts of Kenya. The Ewaso Ng’iro river, runs through the reserve and provides a water source for different resident wildlife including; elephants, lions, leopards, and giraffe. While on this 3 Days safari here, you will also enjoy the stunning landscapes with rugged mountains and savannah plains that create a picturesque backdrop for wildlife viewing.Kenya Wildlife Safaris is an Amazing and memorable experience on the African Continent. The Most Selling Package to Samburu Game Reserve is the 3 Days Kenya Family Tour which takes you to Kenya’s renowned Samburu National Park where you can expect Africa’s “Big Five”.